“Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.”
– Harriet van Horne


“Marcia Wright is an amazing personal chef. Everything she prepares is glorious.  I had the pleasure of having her host an intimate dinner party in my home.  Her warm spirit and love for good food was contagious! Not only did she prepare a magnificent 3 course meal, but her presentation is remarkable.  As a food snob I am overwhelming sold on all things Sweet Mossie’s!”

Nadia Conyers

“Sweet Mossie’s is the “sweetest” boutique catering experience EVER! My baby shower brunch was ahhhh-mazing! The crab omelets and berry crepes were to die for.”

Kalilia Wilson

“Cannot even begin to describe how amazing this is!!! Sweet Mossie’s made this incredible stew using our Milk Oolong and we could not consume it fast enough! She makes one fantastic stew, from the heart…”

– Capital Teas, Capitol Hill

“I am eating this ridiculously good stew pot! I want to build an altar and worship it…but alas…perhaps I’ll just savor it!!!”

– Mary L. Wilson

“Sweet Mossie’s gave me more than a meal, it gave me an experience! From the eclectic creations to the elegant presentation, you can’t experience Sweet Mossie’s just once. Southern flare! Perfect blend of herbs and spices! Fresh, organic ingredients! I just love how Sweet Mossie’s prepares delicious healthy food … It is the icing on the cake that won’t expand your waistline! I can’t wait for more!”

Cherise Mattheson