Sweet Mossie’s is created with a heap of love, and pays homage to a man who brought a whole lot of joy to many people through really good food. He was a devoted husband, father of ten children, gardener, and an impeccable baker and chef. Some called him “Pop”, others “ML” – but Mossie Lamar Wright, II was his name.

Mossie was raised in Waycross, Georgia in the early 1900s. He said his family moved to the coastal parts of South Carolina and Georgia from the Caribbean to work. He was forced to leave school early in his education to help his family earn money. It was through helping his mother work in a white family’s kitchen that he first learned how to cook. When he was old enough, he joined the United States Navy as a cook. In 1941 he moved to Arlington, Virginia, where he created his legacy.

Mossie was the first black baker in Arlington to open his own bakery and restaurant – Wright’s Catering and Carryout, located on the corner of South 22nd Street and Shirlington Road. Wright’s was a community staple, and people today still rant and rave over the donuts, cakes, pies and good Southern food. When Wright’s closed, Mossie continued to share his delicious food and expertise through Wright’s Catering and Consultants and the Private Butler’s Association. He catered events for the family of former Presidents, judges, senators, and other dignitaries, and served in the White House. After retirement Mossie spent almost his entire day working in his garden. He instilled in his family not only the love for great, flavorful food, but also the importance of eating fresh and locally grown.

Sweet Mossie’s signature dish is the meal Mossie prepared for his girls every Valentine’s Day – Savory Crepes stuffed with Jumbo Lump Crab and Shrimp drizzled with a White Wine and Butter Sauce. In December of 2016, Sweet Mossie’s introduced Sweet Mossie’s Stew Pot Spot. This is not your ordinary stew! Our stew pots are inspired by the healing traditions from around the world, and the culinary traditions of West and North Africa, India, the Caribbean, and the Creole and Geechee traditions of the southern United States. Our broths are slowly developed using premium quality teas, and carefully sourced whole spices and herbs.

Sweet Mossie’s is proudly continuing its namesake’s legacy of serving really good food. It’s founder is Mossie’s second to the youngest daughter, Marcia Olivia Wright  – a practicing attorney and culinary artist, with an intense passion for nutrition and preparing bold, healthy and flavorful dishes.

​Delicious food is truly the eighth wonder of the world!


With the love of good food,

Marcia Olivia Wright, Esq.
Culinary Artist | Stewologist